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Performance Lab Weightlifting Club

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Charleston's Premier Weightlifting Team

Team Training Schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday evenings
Sunday late mornings

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Remote Weightlifting Coaching

Do you want a personalized workout program you can do at your gym on your own time?

Working with a Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer can get expensive and take more time out of your busy schedule.

That is why we have designed a way for you to work with a professional on your own time!

We specialize in writing full weightlifting programs that can be 3-6 days a week, or writing programs that can be add-ons to your current training program.

What Is Remote Coaching?

Daily Individualized Workouts

Get daily workouts customized specifically for you! Workouts will be delivered right to your phone with the easy to use TrueCoach App.

Daily Communication

Get feedback on your workouts daily through your TrueCoach App. You will also have weekly mandatory email check-ins to monitor progress and make changes as needed.

Video Feedback & Analysis

Our expert coaches who will analyze your lifting technique and guide you towards constant improvement.


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